The American scholarly journal “Cross-Cultural Studies: Education and Science” (ССS&ES) was established in 2016. The founders of the Journal are representatives of the scholarly community from the USA, Europe, Russia, countries of Asia and Africa.

The goal of the CCS&ES is to present objectively the results of fundamental and applied research in the humanities, to solve problems of interdisciplinary research in the field of social sciences (linguistics, literary criticism, intercultural didactics, and intercultural interactions).

The journal is intended for scholars, those pursuing academic degrees, teachers, and graduate students. The journal publishes scholarly articles that are the results of completed studies of a problematic scientific and practical nature, the results of dissertations, as well as review articles and book reviews of monographs, textbooks, study guides and other research materials.

The bilingual nature of the Journal indicates an international focus that takes into account both English as the language of international communication and the founders of the journal (Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vermont, USA), as well as the Russian language of the international community of scientists interested in Russia, the Russian language, culture, literature , history, art, intercultural didactics.

To journal has been deposited in the Library of USA Congress (The Congress Library: 101 Independence Avenue SE Washington, DC 20540-4284, Tel: (202) 707-6452; (202) 707-6333; www.loc.gov/issn).

The journal is assigned the ISSN: 2470-1262 (Print), ISSN:2831-4077 (Online)