DOI: 10.24412/2470-1262-2023-2 -53-57

Abstract: The pedagogical ideas of the Armenian thinker, literary and public figure, lawmaker and theologian Mkhitar Gosh have been analysed in this article. Mkhitar Gosh’s pedagogical, philosophical, educational and social views expressed in his famous Datastanagirk (Law Code) and collection of fables have also been presented. The philosophical wisdoms and moral teachings of the great thinker have been observed and their didactic and educational potential has been identified.

Keywords. Educational, Armenian, medieval, legal, political, fable, school, works


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Information about the Author: Anna A. Hakopyan (Yerevan, Armenia) –  PhD., Associate Professor, Northern University. The author of a number of scientific publications, including one teaching manual, and an educational manual (co-authored). I have also participated in a number of republican and international conferences, courses, seminars and trainings. Scope of scientific interests: Educational levels of Caucasian nations in the 19th century, Prominent figures of the 19th century about school and upbringing, Issues of history of Pedagogy. Problems of socialization of the individual, management of innovative practices at school, family upbringing, education technologies.        

Acknowledgements:  I thank colleagues for valuable advice in the process of this research and editing the article and I thank the reviewers for their valuable suggestions.

For citation: Harobyan Anna A., (2023).

The Significance of Mkhitar Gosh’s creativity in the Education.

Cross-Cultural Studies: Education and Science,Vol. 8, Issue 2 (2023), pp.53-57 (in USA)


Manuscript received: 17/06/2023

Accepted for publication: 08/07/2023

The author has read and approved the final manuscript.

CC BY 4.0