DOI: 10.24412/2470-1262-2023-1-6-16
Abstract: The twentieth century, in particular the period from the 1930s to the mid 1980’s, was
marked by an enforced silence in the Soviet Union on several writers, some abroad, some in
Russia, largely ignored in traditional Soviet scholarship. In this time, it fell to scholars abroad to
preserve the memory of this important page in Russian literature. The work to celebrate the life
and works of Andrei Bely is a prime example of these early efforts. The contribution has been
largely forgotten as the 1980s issued in a new era of openness and cooperation between
foreign scholars and their counterparts inside the former Soviet Union. Now, however, in light of
new restrictions both outside and inside the Russian Federation, a new need for re-establishing
and ensuring the legacy of Russian writers past and present has emerged. Perhaps we can
learn from the examples of the past.
Keywords: Russian émigré literature, Andrei Bely, Soviet scholarship, example.
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For citation: Thomas R. Beyer, Jr. (2023)
For citation: Thomas R. Beyer, Jr. (2023)
The Role of Western Scholars in the Preservation of Russian Literary Heritage:
the Example of Andrei Bely. Cross-Cultural Studies: Education and Science,
Vol.8, Issue 1(2023), pp. 6-16 (in USA)
Manuscript received 21/02/2023
Accepted for publication: 26/03/2023