DOI: 10.24412/2470-1262-2022-2-82-86


The environmental problem is one of the most acute global problems today. It will not be possible to solve environmental problems at all levels – local, regional and global – without fundamentally changing one’s attitude to nature, which, in turn, is possible only if moral consciousness is changed. On the other hand, the relationship between the moral and ecological forms of consciousness is so close and deep that, according to how the ecological consciousness has evolved, one can quite accurately, as it seems to us, judge, firstly, the nature of the development of moral consciousness, and, secondly, about its current state.

Keywords: morality, ecology, nature, consciousness, ethics, co-evolution, crisis, noosphere, globalization, sustainability, ecosystem


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Akmataliev Asanbek Turgunbaevich (Uzgen, Kyrgyz Republic) – Director of the International Uzgen Institute of Technology and Education by academician B. Murzubraimov OshTU, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor. Kyrgyz Republic, Uzgen city, tel.: 0996550451059, e-mail:, postal address: Manas street, Uzgen city, Kyrgyz Republic. ind.723600.

Seidalieva Mira Koshmamatovna (Osh, Kyrgyz Republic) – Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, docent, Osh State University, Kyrgyz Republic, Osh city, e-mail:

 For citation: Akmataliev Asanbek T., Seidalieva Mira K., (2022).

The Role of Moral Education in the Development of Environmental Consciousness.

Cross-Cultural Studies: Education and Science, Vol. 7, Issue 2 (2022), pp. 82-86 (in USA)

Manuscript received 07/05/2022 – Accepted for publication: 31/05/2022