DOI: 10.24411/2470-1262-2020-10091


The article highlights the problem of streamlining and comparing Russian and German terminology of the early foreign language teaching methodology. The relevance of this problem is substantiated. The analysis of approaches to the translation of terms is carried out, the methods and specifics of their translation are characterized to transmit the semantic component of the term as fully and accurately as possible without distorting its meaning and without introducing additional shades of meaning. It is argued that the translator needs special knowledge in the terminology. The terminological composition of the metalanguage of the early foreign language teaching methodology as a set of terms used to define the concepts of the theory and practice of teaching a foreign language to preschool children is defined. Examples of translation of several terms are given.

Keywords: terminology, term, translation, early learning of a foreign language, equivalent, Russia, Germany, translation language, translated language, methods of translation, translation techniques


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Information about the authors: Evtyugina Alla Alexandrovna – Professor, head of the Department of Russian and foreign languages, Russian State Vocational Pedagogical University (Yekaterinburg), е-mail: Nikishkova Elena Alexandrovna. – student of magistracy, Russian State Vocational Pedagogical University (Yekaterinburg)  Volkova Lidia Evgenievna – student of magistracy, Russian State Vocational Pedagogical University (Yekaterinburg), e-mail:

For citation: Evtyugina Alla A., Nikishkova Elena A., Volkova Lidia E., (2020). Peculiarities of the Translation of the Terms of the Early Foreign Language Teaching Methodology in Russian and German. Cross-Cultural Studies: Education and Science. Vol.5, Issue 3 (2020), pp. 56-66 (in USA)