DOI: 10.24411/2470-1262-2020-10082

Abstract: This article is devoted to teaching Russian as a foreign language. It presents the authors ‘ views on the problem of teaching RFL and offers their own methods based on personal experience. The authors do not consider their proposed approach to the problem to be the only correct and mandatory one. They express the opinion that each teacher’s work is individual and unique. No lesson can be repeated again. This is a phenomenal phenomenon. And this phenomenon depends on many factors. Some of these factors are mentioned in the article and serve as an illustration of the opinion expressed by the authors on the problem. Continuing this topic, the authors offer readers a methodological approach that they adhere to when working with foreign students and explain the reasons for choosing this method. They pay attention to the specifics of teaching RFL and the main aspects of their work. They point out the most important areas of work with Russian language students based on their own opinion and experience. The article draws attention to the method of conscious approach of students to the proposed material. This approach to learning is considered by the authors to be one of the most important in the process of learning a foreign language. And in this regard, describe the way in which the method of conscious approach will be most successfully implemented. The authors believe that the materials they developed will structure the grammar of the language and present it as a clear visual system. They hope this will help teachers and students work together.

Keywords: problems of RFL, method, way, conscious approach, phonetics, structuring,
grammatical tables

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Information about the authors:
Olga Ryabova (Moscow, Russia) – senior lecturer, Department of Russian language and
publishing business areas – Russian as a foreign language, Russian new University. The
research area is the aspect teaching of the Russian language to foreign students, ways to
adapt foreign students in the cultural and language environment. Seven articles have been
published in the journal “RosNOU Bulletin”. e-mail: ryabovaod@yandex.ru
Maria Ryabova (Moscow, Russia) – master’s student At the Institute of Humanities
technologies in Linguistics at the Russian new University. Research area-phonetics as the
main aspect of teaching Russian as a foreign language. Three articles were published in the
journal “RosNOU Bulletin”. Е-mail: ab-yss@mail.ru

For citation: Ryabova Olga, Ryabova Maria, (2020).
On the Question of Choosing Approaches to Teaching
Russian as Foreign Language.
Cross-Cultural Studies: Education and Science
Vol.5, Issue 2 (2020), pp. 107-114 (in USA)