DOI: 10.24411/2470-1262-2019-10046


The Article considers the pedagogic and philosophic research of the reflection of the moral traditions of Turkmen holidays in previously unknown in scientific space in the chovdur variant of the epoch “Gorkut Ata”.  The analysis was implemented by special classification, based on the learned general and remarkable peculiarities of moral traditions of the national and family holidays. For revealing of ethno-ethic essence of moral traditions of the ancient heritage, the principles, methods, means, national peculiarities, forming of Turkmen mentality were studied. The aim of the study of the pedagogic aspects was the revealing of national, differentiated and gender character of moral traditions. Thus, the high value mark was given for the purpose of transmission of the pedagogic potential of the moral traditions of the Turkmen holidays of the chovdur variant of the epoch “Gorkut ata” in bringing up of the growing generation.          

Keywords: tradition, morals, holidays, epos, Gorkut ata, ethnos, customs, ceremonies, mentality, humanity


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Information about the author:

Maral M. Annagulyyeva  (Mary, Turkmenistan) – Degree Applicant of the Candidate of Science, Teacher of Pedagogics and Psychology of Pedagogic School named after Khydyr Deryayev, (745400, Tуркменистан, Mары, ул. Ашхабадская д. 49),

Published articles – more than 26 (pedagogy, ethno-pedagogy, psychology, etc.)


The author expresses her deepest gratitude to Mrs. S. Minasyan for the opportunity to reveal for the first time the reflection of Moral traditions of Turkmen Holidays in Chovdur variant of the epoch “Horkut Ata”

For citation: Annagulyyeva Maral M., (2019). Reflection of Moral Traditions of Turkmen Holidays in Chovdur Variant of the epos “Horkut Ata”. Cross-Cultural Studies: Education and Science. Vol.4, Issue 2 (2019), pp. 38-47 (in USA)

Manuscript received 05/10/ 2019

Accepted for publication: 06/17/2019

The authors have read and approved the final manuscript.

CC BY 4.0