DOI: 10.24412/2470-1262-2022-2-126-132


In the times of rapidly developing information technologies, it is of utmost importance to introduce augmented [AR] and virtual reality [VR] into education that should be at the forefront of all the spheres of our daily life. The article covers definitions of virtual reality and augmented reality, the conditional distinction between academic types of virtual reality, such as virtual excursions, educational apps to download, and VR platforms with examples and listed applications available, the benefits of introducing VR/AR into education and the change of the teacher’s role in a new digital environment. One of the new technologies introduced to education is augmented reality. AR adds 3D objects to our reality using a smartphone or iPad. The article provides applications used as instruments for creating 3D objects and content and the apps for learning musical instruments, foreign languages, biology: animals, plants, the human body, etc. Future insight on the benefits of using VR/AR in education sums up the article.

Keywords: new technologies, virtual reality, VR/AR applications/apps, virtual tours, 3D objects, educational VR platforms, augmented reality


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Information about the author:

McGuinn Irina (Houston, USA) – expatriate, who lived in four countries, Russian language teacher, running the after-school program “The Russian Heritage Language” at British International School of Houston, has bilingual children of her own. Academic interest: use of new technologies in education, virtual reality, augmented reality in teaching bilingual and heritage children mother tongue or Russian as a foreign language. Postgraduate student at the Institute of Philology – Department of linguodidactics, RFL and bilingualism at Moscow State Pedagogical University, currently working on the dissertation: “Augmented and Virtual Reality as a Form of Environmental Approach to Teaching the Russian Language to Bilingual Children in the USA.” Published articles: “Distant learning support in teaching children Russian as a foreign language.”, “Virtual Reality [VR] and Augmented Reality [AR] as means in teaching the Russian language.”, “Virtual and Augmented Reality as Ways of Second Language Teaching in Limited Language Environments (Study Review).” E-mail:

For citation: McGuinn Irina V., (2022).

Application of the new technologies: Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in Education.

Cross-Cultural Studies: Education and Science, Vol. 7, Issue 2, (2022), pp. 126-132 (in the USA)

Manuscript received: 10/04/2022 – Accepted for publication: 31/05/2022