DOI: 10.24412/2470-1262-2021-2-6-13


In the artistic world of Henry David Thoreau and Mikhail Prishvin – writers so distant from each other in time and space, but endowed with a sense of nature unknown to many – the chronotope of nature and the chronotope of the house play an important role. Almost literal parallels can be noted in Thoreau’s and Prishvin’s descriptions of natural phenomena. Along with the chronotope of nature, Thoreau’s and Prishvin’s works contain the chronotope of home, which complements and deepens the philosophical interpretation of natural space.

Keywords: Thoreau, Prishvin, text, dialogue of cultures, chronotope of home, structure of the chronotope of nature, calendar time, ecological time


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Information about the author:

Elena A. Erofeeva (Moscow, Russian Federation) – PhD, associate professor, Moscow State Linguistic University, Department of Russian Language and Theory of Literature
(119034, Moscow, Ostozhenka, 38, of. 58, e-mail: elanter0701@yandex.ru).
She has more than 35 publications. Fields of research: media linguistics, linguoculturology, phraseology, text theory, linguodidactics.

For citation:  Erofeeva E.A., (2021).
A Dialogue of Chronotopes in the Artistic Worlds of Henry David Thoreau and Mikhail Prishvin.

Cross-Cultural Studies: Education and Science
Vol.6, Issue 2 (2021), pp. 6-13 (in USA)