DOI: 10.24412/2470-1262-2022-3-114-118


In November 2018, the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic adopted the National Strategy for Sustainable Development of the Republics for 2018-2040, one of the key issues of which was the need to increase the number of merino sheep in order to replace imports and increase exports of wool products abroad. However, the events of the spring of 2020, primarily related to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and the elimination of the negative socio-economic consequences of its spread, have become a serious test for the leadership of the Kyrgyz Republic. The termination or complete restriction of the work of enterprises, the introduction of strict restrictive measures of self-isolation and reduction of working hours for citizens, required the urgent intervention of the leadership of the republic. The diversification of State resources to mobilize the national health system and support financially vulnerable segments of the population has led to the need to revise previous plans. This circumstance had a negative impact on the development of merino sheep breeding, which entailed high financial losses for both the state and private farms. The purpose of the study is to develop economic and managerial measures aimed at the development of the merino industry in the republic. The novelty of the research is the application of scientific and innovative methods for the effective development of fine-wool sheep breeding. As a result of the study, the authors developed recommendations for increasing the number of merino cattle and increasing the productivity of animals (expanding the breeding areas of merino sheep) and developing a marketing system for finished products with their export in the conditions of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Keywords: National Strategy of Sustainable Development of the Republics for 2018-2040, development of merino sheep breeding, pandemic, recommendations, coronavirus infection COVID-19, diversification of state resources

 For citation: Lushchikhina E.M., Boldusov P.A., Meshochkin A.V., (2022).

Methods for Promoting Finished Products in a Pandemic.

Cross-Cultural Studies: Education and Science, Vol. 7, Issue 3 (2022), pp. 114-118 (in USA)

Manuscript received 27/10/2022

Accepted for publication: 20/11/2022