DOI: 10.24411/2470-1262-2020-10073

Andrei Bitov and Yuri Karabchievsky are two Russian writers born in the late 30s of the last
century. The dramatic intensity of history — the element that chased them from the first days of their lives: repressions, World War II, “post-war Stalinism ” that fell on the early childhood, though little remembered, but left an imprint on their worldviews.
It is worth highlighting separately the period of creative formation and the state of “internal emigration”, when the realization of the will and writing potential is impossible, which has turned writers away from the Soviet Union and made them seek the possibility of publishing in foreign publications.
This article, since the work is an excerpt from a research work devoted to the topic of Armenia in the works of Bitov and Karabchievsky, considers not only the influence of the era but also key milestones in the life of writers such as Osip Mandelstam, Hrant Matevosyan, Armenia, “Metropol” magazine, dissidentism.

Keywords: Andrey Bitov, Yuri Karabchievsky, Osip Mandelstam, Hrant Matevosyan,
Armenia, Russian writers, Russian literature, Soviet Union

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Information about the author:
Elena A. Shuvaeva-Petrosyan (Russia, Armenia) – Postgraduate student of the Literary
Institute A.M. Gorky, member of the Writers’ Union of Armenia and member of the Club of
writers of the Caucasus. E-mail: Viber/Watsapp: +79851789217

For citation: Shuvaeva-Petrosyan Elena A., (2020).
Andrei Bitov and Yuri Karabchevsky… Epoch and Parallels.
Cross-Cultural Studies: Education and Science
Vol.5, Issue 2 (2020), pp. 32-39 (in USA)